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What are the major pitfalls of sourcing from China?
Outsourcing your manufacturing to a country thousands of miles away and with a vastly different culture inherently has its risks. The pool of Chinese factories is limitless, but the level of service and product quality they provide vary greatly. Thus, it is very risky to pick suppliers from a distance.
Because of deep cultural differences, Chinese suppliers often need to be micro-managed locally in order to meet the expectations of overseas buyers. Having a trusted specialist like Easy Prosource working side by side with the factories to convey the buyer's requirements is really the only way to guarantee success.

What can I expect from working with Easy Prosource?
•Professional and clear communication
•Peace of mind that we will can communicate to the suppliers in their own language
•Improved product quality
•Lower prices
•On-time delivery and shorter lead times
•Reduction in shipping costs
•Improved transparency and greater peace of mind

What are the minimum order quantities?
It depends on many factors including product value, type of product, tooling requirements, product dimensions (how many fit in a container), frequency of purchase etc.
If it is a product available from a wholesaler or market then minimum order quantities are lower. It is not necessary to always order in container quantities. Easy Prosource can arrange manufacturing quantities in less than full container load (LCL) by ordering items ex works and arranging
China customs clearance and shipment for you. Each case is different and we will advise you the most economical way.

What about product quality?
No matter what or where you manufacture, there will be risks. Kenny Service Limited‘s role is to minimize these risks, using our rigid systems. We thoroughly research manufacturers, and use many other safeguards throughout the procurement process to ensure you receive exactly what you expect.

These include:

Strict factory auditing, selecting reputable Chinese manufacturers with past exporting experience

Pre-factory on site audit and inspection when required

Pre-manufacturing samples provided to the factory for quoting when available

Product specifications written in Chinese provided to the factory to reduce mistakes in interpretation

Factory pre-production samples collected and compared to initial product samples and specification supplied, prior to full production

Final quality control product inspection prior to shipment and release of final payment

How do I pay for the goods I order?
Easy Prosource negotiates the terms of payment on your behalf directly with the supplier. You can choose to pay via direct funds transfer or letter of credit.
Standard term for manufacture is 30% deposit paid on order placement with the final payable prior to shipment. We recommend not releasing the final payment until we have conducted a quality control inspection at the factory before loading.
If you are ordering items that do not require manufacture, then the supplier will require full payment prior to shipment. Payments can be made directly to the bank account of the supplier or by providing a letter of credit (L/C) via your bank in favor of the supplier.

What delivery methods are available?
There are a variety of delivery methods available. The most appropriate method of delivery will be determined according to the urgency of delivery, cost and weight of the products being sourced. These include air freight for lower weight, or urgently required products. Delivery can occur within one week. For heavier products or larger orders, we generally use sea freight.
For samples and small order we can arrange international airfreight via DHL or UPS. This usually takes 2 - 5 days. Airfreight of goods is available, but should be avoided as this can increase the cost of your order up to 100%. Freight can be send via full container loads (20 or 40ft) or by part container load ( referred to as LCL or container consolidation).

How does Easy Prosource charge?
Solution-1: 5-10% commision, negotiable depends on order value.
Solution-2: You can also hire us for a month package salary from US$ 500-1000, depends on how much work and how many hours there maybe in a month.
we are easy to these rate because we want to establish long term ralationship with your firm, just make sure the fee is to be fair to both of us, trust to each other and a team work will be more important.

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