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Date of publication: 2012-11-02 16:19:37 Posted by: admin Click: 2951

Taobao is a Chinese language web site for online shopping, similar to Ebay and Amazon, but with lower rate.

1. Why you need us?
•   we will help you translate English to Chinese products so you can search by Chinese to see the product, after picking up items, we will translate details description of items for you.
• Taobao seller will not offer international shipping to you, you may be buying from many different sellers, and you will not be able to save shipping cost from combined shipping.
• Only Chinese payment is available, you can not use credit card or paypal, we will represent you to buy from them with our payment account and goods check like paypal.

2. What you can get from us:
1) Communicate with the Seller
2) Ensure that you get the correct color or style
3) Provide common-Taobao-sense advice
4) Translate of product details
5) Help searching for what you want in Chinese
6) Check the items if damage or defective
7) Photograph your products and email the pictures to you for confirmation
9) Deal with returns and exchanges
10) Repackag items to ensure safe shipment or reduce weight

3. How does it work?
• Show us the product you want on
www.Taobao.com with links including colors, size, quantity etc.
• Confirm orders and we will work out all cost with shipping cost.
•  Pay to our account then we will start to buy from seller and deliver to our address.
•  Consolidate shipment and send to you with courier you prefer to.

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