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Date of publication: 2012-11-02 16:25:12 Posted by: admin Click: 3299

1. Easy Prosource has established a professional sourcing process to ensure we get the right thing our client requires.

We have following steps to perform a sourcing project:

1) Product sourcing
Quotation inquiry filled in by our client defines needs and specifications, which will enable China Suppliers to calculate the correct/approximate cost of the inquired products. Easy Prosource will filters 30 – 50 factories on average to find the most qualified production partners and send the Quotation Inquiry to them in bilingual language. This Bilingual form is to ensure direct translation of needs, save time for the process, and minimize potential miscommunication as well as reduce the risk of errors in production and extra costs due to inaccuracies in product specification.

Once the suppliers have created an accurate quotation with associated delivery and timeline information, Easy Prosource will translate it back into English (all information) and send to my client without any delay.

2) Supplier Audit
a) Quality commitment
b) Personal Training
c) Test and measurement equipment control
d) Non-conformance to specification and corrective action
e) Control of purchased material
f) Company License type
g) Register capital
h) Export history
i) Any certification

3) Sample or tooling arrangement if needed
According to our client’s requirement, Easy Prosource will negotiate with the chosen supplier to make the sample or tooling, check it and email or post to our client for confirmation.

4) Contract arrangement
After the samples and cost as well as delivery time, payment terms were proved by our client, Easy Prosource will sign the contract with chosen supplier in Chinese and English on our client’s behalf. On Appendix to the contract every important detail will be listed out for future inspection. And client can either pay down payment to supplier directly or pay to Easy Prosource company bank account to start production.

5) QC Report
Easy Prosource will oversee the production process and manage the Quality Control Process based upon the contract and appendix details. Digital photos are taken upon completion of every line item on the checklist, representing completion of each point and ensuring product quality. Inspection report will be sent to your client with all figures checked.

6) Shipment arrangement
After our client paid the balance, Easy Prosource will arrange shipment for our client, load the container under supervision as well as arrange shipping documents required. 1

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